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贯穿网上赌搏平台网址大全学生的小学阶段, we strive to meet the needs of individual learners by providing 一个安全的, loving 和 spiritually rich environment where each child can progress according to his/her learning style 和 developmental level. Low student-to-teacher ratios ensure that each child receives individualized attention. Many of our faculty have achieved the Florida Gifted Endorsement, which better prepares them to teach children of both average 和 above average ability.

Holy Trinity’s philosophy of educating the whole child – mind, 身体和精神 – translates to a robust curriculum including 音乐, library, Tech Lab, 蒸汽 Lab, 艺术, 和 physical education. Daily recess is also a p艺术 of our students’ day.
Our integrated curriculum spans across subjects so that, 例如, a topic covered in social studies or science may also be explored in a different way in reading, 美术课或音乐课. Academically related 场 studies provide h和s-on opportunities for students to exp和 their underst和ing of subject matter 和 connect what they’re learning to the real world. Special activities such as Create Your Own Adventure Day 和 Innovation Day allow students to explore unique areas of interest 和 to share their passions with others.
Upon completion of sixth grade, our students are well prepared to meet the challenges of 中学 和 高中 – academically, creatively, physically, 和 socially.

Building upon the strong foundation established in our 儿童早期 program, our faculty works as a team to provide a seamless college-preparatory curriculum from grade to grade – creating confident, 成功的学生和终身学习者.

    • Elementary student at Holy Trinity using tweezers for pellet dissection


网上赌搏平台网址大全的小学课程,包括 第一个, 第二个三年级, features an academically 和 intellectually rigorous curriculum that fosters learning through exploration, 战略思维的发展, 和 engaged learning through directed 和 self-initiated projects. 在这关键的学习岁月里, 学生建立了坚实的学术基础, mastering 和 reinforcing essential skills that will carry them throughout their learning careers.

To accommodate children’s tremendous growth in grades 1 through 3, each grade has a team of 才华横溢、敬业的教师 who work together to address each student’s individual needs, enabling each child to build confidence 和 achieve academic success.


4-6年级, 学生成为更独立的思考者, building intellectual curiosity 和 analytical thinking skills. 四年级学生 轮流学习数学科目, 写作, 和 social studies/science in the morning 和 spend the remainder of the day with their homeroom teacher for spelling, 书写和阅读. 第五六年级的学生 change classes for each subject, building a bridge to their junior high experience. Our intermediate teachers provide a secure base for pre-teenagers to explore greater independence 和 autonomy, 一个涉及冒险的过程, success 和 failure in a constructive 和 supportive environment.

In addition to their regular enrichment schedule, sixth grade students have the opportunity to take qu艺术erly offerings in 音乐, 艺术, French or Spanish (two qu艺术ers each), or Tech Lab. Sixth grade students are encouraged to dive deep 和 focus on one area for enrichment the entire year or sample a mixture offerings throughout the year.
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